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Importance of Using Colourful Shipping Boxes for Ecommerce Business

The ‘unboxing experience’, the term that you must have heard of especially if you are in an ecommerce business, is something that packaging these days revolves around. Creating a unique customer experience in terms of sharable unboxing is the new game changer. So why choose a plain run of a mill brown box to ship your product when you can level up your customers’ unboxing experience with just a change of colour?

Why Choose a Coloured Packaging Box?

  • Coloured Boxes are Attractive

Undoubtedly coloured shipping boxes are more eye-catching as compared to the plain white or brown boxes. Moreover, according to many marketing surveys and a published article in Small Business Trends, approximately 85% consumers are attracted towards coloured packaging and are more likely to make a purchase. That’s a huge number of people don’t you think? Colours not only look attractive but also communicate the brand stories. When it comes to a shipping box, it has to travel a long way to reach the final destination so why not take it as an opportunity to grab the attention of thousands of people it passes through?

  • Cost-effective Packaging Solution

If you have recently started your business or just experimenting with the new business idea and not willing to invest in custom packaging boxes yet, pre-designed boxes are a great alternative for you. Moreover, pre-designed shipping boxes are cost-effective too and do not have minimum order quantity requirements. This enables the small businesses to  order as many packaging boxes as they want and whenever they want, with a minimal wait time.

  • Unique Coloured Boxes Help in Product Differentiation

With a uniquely colored box the likelihood to develop a  brand image and stand out in competition is higher than the traditional brown box that is mostly used by many. Take advantage of the readily available striking colors and imaginative patterns to set your brand apart from the competition. To improve the unwrapping experience even further, you can add a personalised note, a tag, a ribbon, a sticker or even packaging fillers.

  • Reduce Lead Time with Pre Designed Boxes

Custom shipping boxes either require digital printing or offset printing both of which are time consuming. In Off-set printing, print plates are needed which are costly,then the dye cutting, sheet printing and drying process requires a lot of time. Moreover, off-set printing mostly has large minimum order requirements. Even though digital printing saves you from all this, custom packaging is still time consuming. Whereas, on the other hand the pre-designed saves you from all this hassle. offers a reasonable range of pre-designed packaging solutions and the readily available mailer boxes for packaging and shipping with no minimum order quantity requirements and a delivery of 0-3 days depending on your location.

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