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How is Ecommerce Product Packaging an Essential Tool for Your Business?

Ecommerce packaging trends have been changing a lot from the last decade. The market of product packaging has grown dramatically over the years with its main focus to design something that can connect with the customers.

Shipping the right package at the right time holds the most valuable place for ecommerce businesses. Creating a direct touch point connection with customers has been one of the most neglected opportunities by the companies over the years.

The idea of packaging originally came for the safety of products so that they don’t get damaged during the shipping. But this process created opportunities for the potential market to deliver a functional and unique product package that looks thoughtful and creates a memorable experience for customers while they unbox the package.

Let’s look at some facts that how ecommerce packaging can level up your brand:

How Important are Product Packaging Designs for You?

Online retailing takes the advantage to deliver a more delightful experience of product packaging as compared to physical retailing. With online shopping, customers can get a hands-on experience before buying the product. To beat your competitors, it is important that you focus on various touch points that can highlight your brand for customers.

Packaging is an important extension of your brand when you are at a place of online retailing. You can take the example of Apple that delivers the same refined, glossy, and high-end packages just as their products after shipping. Apple is not affordable for everyone, but you can create the same delightful experience for your customers at a much lower cost.

Today, people share countless videos, images, and blog posts on social media when they are having a great unboxing experience. Surprisingly, many brands have gained profit and popularity when people shared their experience with a brand and created useful content out of it.

Capturing the customer’s attention again and again can help a brand grow in a longer term. Instead of finding new customers, regular customers who are loyal to your brand become more valuable when you build trust with them.

How Can You Connect with Your Customers Using Packaging?

To generate a well-designed and unique unboxing and packaging experience, many elements have to work collectively.

The first step while creating a brand look for your packages is to research all the brands and small companies that deliver the most valuable experience with the customers. Investing strategically in your packaging can help your business grow more effectively.

1. Attractive Packaging

E-commerce shipping containers are the most significant aspect to consider for your brand. Packages can be bag, box, or poly mailer, depending on your product. Brands first widely started using the brown and white corrugated packages as they are not only cheap, but also a perfect fit for all kinds of products. But the problem with those packages is that they don’t build a first impression with the customers.

2. Use Tissue Paper

Products wrapped in tissue paper cannot only add an extra layer of unboxing, but can also increase the curiosity and excitement for the customers. The most solid options to consider are colored tissues or custom-printed tissues.

3. Insert Fillers

The filler options for packaging can be Styrofoam peanuts, air pillows, foam inserts, or bubble wrap. We can’t deny that popping bubble sheets are memorable and highly cherished by some of us, but sadly it is not so appealing for your package. Excelsior (wood fibres) or crinkle paper (brown or colored) can also be worthy options for packaging.

4. Add Stickers

Stickers are always a good addition to your packages, as they aren’t only cheap but also look versatile. Stickers can also help you seal the paper, if you are using tissue paper. In one way, Stickers can also be utilised as branding options, instead of custom printed boxes.

Short notes that say thank you to your customers can also be a plus point for your brand.

5. Add Business Cards or Promotional Materials

Business cards can be highly effective in promoting your business and also adds value to your investment. These cards can also help brands build connections with the customers.

To enhance the value of your product, special instructions or personalised notes can also be added. These small efforts can be inexpensive as well as effective for your brand.

6. Add Packing Slip

Many businesses don’t use packing slips as a branding option for their packages. For example, in restaurants, receipts are presented inside a folder in an elegant manner. Similarly, packing slips of your package can be placed in the bottom layer so that it’s not the first thing that a customer sees when he opens a package.

7. Insert Customised Notes

It is a continuous struggle for new businesses to gain more customers. Handwritten notes can be risky to handle, but a small personalised note that is genuine and connects the customer can make all the difference. These notes show that the brand is run by empowering people who care for their customers.

8. Add Informative Material

It is important to insert the instruction note in your packages that require education on how to use the product. These notes are important to make customers understand how to use the product without getting confused. Make sure that your note is easy to understand by the customer.

9. Use Eye-catching Tapes

Instead of using clear tapes, there are thousand varieties available on choosing a beautiful tape for your custom packaging. Now you can also design and use customised brand tapes for an appealing and thoughtful look of your package.

10. Include a Gift or Sample

You might also want to include a free sample in your package, based on the customer’s current or past buying history. Prioritising a gift that can be interesting for the customer should be considered.

Make Your Ecommerce Packaging Worth Remembering!

Ecommerce packaging includes shipping the consumer their product that they shopped online. These ecommerce packaging can be designed with infill materials, outer container, or using other inserts.

As quoted by Andy Dunn,

“At the end of the day, you’re not building an ecommerce company; you’re building a brand that has ecommerce as its core distribution channel.”

To generate an exceptional brand packaging experience for customers, make sure to effectively use perfect product boxes, stickers, labels, notes, and many more elements that can enhance your brand image.

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