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Importance of Investing in Custom Packaging

Whether you’re starting an e-commerce business or expanding your current product portfolio, the common question that most of us ask ourselves is whether to invest in custom product packaging or not? Majority of us believe that it would be an unnecessary additional expense. Oh yes we understand that. However, being in a packaging business and dealing with thousands of new clients everyday we can surely say that it’s not true.  Investing in custom product packaging not only enhances the overall unboxing experience for your customers but is definitely a game changer in the long run! Here’s what makes us say this.


1. Custom packaging provides product safety

Imagine how your customers would feel unboxing a scratched or broken product? Would they be buying from you again? Definitely not! And the cost of losing customers is much higher than the investment in good, rightly sized, secure packaging. A big box with small products inside it is just like a blender where all the products will be moving here and there during transit. Whereas Individual custom packaging provides safety to the products making it easy to ship.


2. Custom packaging makes your product standout:

With the increase in competition and the advancement in technology, there are thousands of options for the customers to choose from. Therefore, for getting your product noticed, the need to differentiate your offerings and provide better experience has increased. What many people don’t realise is that businesses that engage in custom packaging achieve that goal along with saving time and money.


3. A well-packed product is worth gifting

A well packed product is always easy to give as a gift. Don’t you think it’s “the worst” when you purchase someone the ideal present, but when it comes time to wrap it, the funky shape will clearly not look nice with wrapping paper? On the other hand, how easy it is to wrap a box in a nice wrapping sheet. You may even make your customers’ life further easier with boxes that look like gifts. Haven’t you noticed that a lot of brands have already incorporated an option to add a gift box for their product at the website checkout? Conclusion with customised packaging specially the customised boxes, you’re attracting another group of customers looking for gifting ideas.

4. Packaging makes products easy to store

Custom product packaging makes stacking of the products easy leading to a well-organised storage space. You will certainly miss out the feeling while stocking shelves or packing orders if your product isn’t square or rectangular. Moreover, property packed and stored products keep them safe from dust and damage too.

5. Customised packaging enhances the unboxing experience

Imagine your customer receiving two similar products at the same time, one rolled in a crinkled paper or a standard box and the other one packed in a customised box. Which one is more likely to grab your attention? What would customers like to publish on social media, given how frequently they share their experiences? According to the research, approx 81% of consumers are attracted towards the product with attractive packaging. (source: Westrock). There are literally gazillions of unboxing videos to ensure this. So, don’t you think a good unboxing experience is worth spending some extra dollars on custom packaging?

6. It is a fun way to share product story

People enjoy stories and they tend to be recalled quickly. Keeping this in mind, custom packaging is a great way to share the story of your product. Design your packaging in a way that it has properly designed space or panel for important information about your product, how to use it, dosage, sizing, exchange policies, about the company, ingredients, composition, or may be a personal note to add some extra touch to it. Stories behind products and brands also help people remember the brand.

7. Perceived value of the product is increased by custom packaging

Custom packaging shows an effort on your part making customers feel good about your brand enhancing its perceived value. It automatically gives a high end feel to the product.

Customers feel like they have received a quality product from a retailer who cares, when your packing is of a high quality. Even a plain box can have a premium vibe with a few little design tweaks.

Wrapping it up:

Custom packaging is an investment that’s totally worth it because it has the potential to drive sales.

So, what are you waiting for?

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